Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shop Specials Week of 12/27 to 1/2/2010

This weeks Special for LottieMaesVintage is *An EXTRA 20% off all of our SALE items! Please note in Message to Seller area - "20% SALE" . We will refund the discount to your PayPal account.
Looking for craft or collectible buttons? GramsVintageButtons has many to choose from. This week we will be offering an EXTRA 20% off our Sale section! Don't miss this super special. Please note in Message to Seller area - "20% sale". We will refund the discount to your PayPal account.
Our CarDonsBitsandPieces shop will offer 10% off all of our BOOKS and MAGAZINES. Please make a note in the Message to Seller area - "10% off books and mags". We will refund the discount to your PayPal account.

CarDonCreativeDesigns offers 20% off on ALL of our GEMSTONES. All of our gemstone listings will be 20% off this week only. This includes sale items too! Please make a note in Message to Seller - "20% off Gemstones" and we will refund the discount to your PayPal account.

Don't miss these great Deals, they are for this week only - December 27 to January 2, 2010.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LottieMaesVintage Weekly Specials

Each week Mom and I will be offering a different Special in our LottieMaesVintage Shop. For the week of December 14th to the 19th will be a 20% discount on our Geisha Girl Dishes. We will refund the discount to your PayPal account. No limit, buy one item or buy more:)

LottieMaesVintage offers many different Geisha Girl Dishes, bowls, cup and saucers, Chocolate Pots, creamer pitchers and more.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black Glass Button SALE

GramsVintageButtons is having a sale!!

BLACK GLASS BUTTON SALE...Buy 3 buttons get 4th button FREE (equal or lesser value) AND shipping of just $2.00 US and $3.00 international. Refunds made to your PayPal account.
Offer good until BLACK FRIDAY 11/27/09. Convo with any questions:)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

So, the Holiday Shopping Begins!

I know, I said it! Holiday shopping, Yikes! But, Christmas/Holiday Club checks have been sent and the kids are already making their list. If you look at the calender it's just about 9 weeks to go until Christmas and Kwanzaa and even less for a Happy Hanukkah - only 7 weeks.

Come on let's get in on some great shopping finds before they are all gone. Wasn't it Mom that said "The Early Bird gets the Worm."? Well, I don't want a worm but, good deals I'm all in for.

So, my Mom and I want to show you some of the great finds at our LottieMaesVintage shop. We have loads of goodies for just about everyone on your list. Look at our lovely vintage Ladies Handkerchiefs, a beautiful gift for Grandma, or maybe a favorite Aunt. Stroll though our other linen offerings too.

Get more Bling with less Cha-Ching!! Looking for a great pair of vintage earrings for that Holiday Party? Or a Beautiful Brooch for a Fabulous Friend.

Looking for a unique gift? We have Geisha Girl Dishes in a variety of patterns and colors. Maybe a lovely Teacup and Saucer, or other collectable item from LottieMaesVintage.

Fancy a Fur Collar Coat? Maybe a Lacey Collar to jazz up an outfit? Elegant Ladies Hats?

We also have gifts for the men in your life. Tie tacs and Cufflinks make a thoughful gift.

LottieMaesVintage will be adding new listings weekly for your shopping pleasure, don't miss a thing!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Team ESST Weekend Shopping Extravaganza - Oct. 3rd & 4th

Team ESST is sponsoring the October Weekend Shopping Extravaganza - October 3rd & 4th.
Our CarDonCreativeDesign shop for your jewelry making needs, will be offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of $25.00 or more for US purchases only - discounts on international orders. See shop announcement for details.
Need crafting buttons or do you collect buttons? Come and visit GramsVintageButtons, all orders $25.00 and over will be SHIPPED FREE - US orders only, discounts on international shipping. See shop announcements for details.

For Altered Art or Mixed Media projects check out CarDonsBitsandPieces. Books, bags of bits and pieces, lace and trim.....and more!
For your Vintage Fix!! check our LottieMaesVintage shop. Beautiful costume jewelry, lovely linen, delicious dishes, clasic clothing and much more!
Don't miss a thing!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Come and shop with Team ESST!!

Team ESST is hosting a September Weekend Shopping Extravaganza!! September 5th and 6th. Come a check out all the great shops from Team ESST. Are you a crafter? EtsySupplyStreetTeam has shops with tons of items for you!

As for us.....well, stop by our shops and see all the great deals. Stock up on jewelry supplies at CarDonCreativeDesign. We are offering huge discounts on orders of $40.00 and more!! You will get a 50% discount (not including shipping) on orders of $40.00 or more :) Write WSE09 in message to seller.

Need buttons for collecting or crafting or maybe sewing?
GramsVintageButtons has loads of buttons for you. Bags of buttons, black glass, buttons still on cards and more!

Oh, don't forget the Sale Section.

Our CarDonsBitsandPieces shops offers magazines and books, lace and trim, items to reuse or repair, and more.

Don't miss a thing!! These specials and sales are only for the weekend.

Monday, August 17, 2009

We Need to ACT NOW!!

It's a good time to let our Washington folks know our concerns about their health care plans and all the other shenanigans going on unless you wish to see your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren saddled with a debt they they can pass on to their succeeding generations. Friends, we are in fiscal difficulties that are bound to multiply if this reckless spending is not brought to a halt. Will we make our voice heard or will we sit back and watch our nation disintegrate? We will only effect the outcome if we act! Neil

Social Security 2009



Propose this in 2009:


(This is worth reading. It is short and to the point.)

Perhaps we are asking the wrong questions during election years.

Our Senators and Congresswomen do not pay into Social Security and, of course, they do not collect from it.
You see, Social Security benefits were not suitable for persons of their rare elevation in society. They felt they should have a special plan for themselves. So, many years ago they voted in their own benefit plan.

In more recent years, no congressperson has felt the need to change it. After all, it is a great plan.

For all practical purposes their plan works like this:

When they retire, they continue to draw the same pay until they die.
Except it may increase from time to time for cost of living adjustments...

For example, Senator Byrd and Congressman White and their wives may expect to draw $7, 800,000.00 (that's Seven Million, Eight-Hundred Thousand Dollars), with their wives drawing $275, 000..00 during the last years of their lives.
This is calculated on an average life span for each of those two Dignitaries.

Younger Dignitaries who retire at an early age, will receive much more during the rest of their lives.

Their cost for this excellent plan is $0.00. NADA!!! ZILCH!!!

This little perk they voted for themselves is free to them. You and I pick up the tab for this plan. The funds for this fine retirement plan come directly from the General Funds;


From our own Social Security Plan, which you and I pay (or have paid) into, every payday until we retire (which amount is matched by our employer), We can expect to get an average of
$1,000 per month after retirement.

Or, in other words, we would have to collect our average of $1,000 monthly benefits for 68 years and one (1) month to equal Senator Bill Bradley's benefits!

Social Security could be very good if only one small change were made.

That change would be to

Jerk the Golden Fleece Retirement Plan from under the Senators and Congressmen.. Put them into the Social Security plan with the rest of us

Then sit back.....

And see how fast they would fix it!

If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of awareness will be planted and maybe good changes will evolve.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Team ESST WSE - Weekend Shopping Extravaganza

YES!! It's here again, Team ESST is having a WSE - August 1 & 2. You don't want to miss it!

So, Mom and I are offering a whole load of special mark down items in all of our shops. Our CarDonCreativeDesign jewelry supply shop has a special Sale section with dozens and dozens of sale items.

Need a button or two? GramsVintageButtons has a special Sale Section too!

Have the Vintage bug? LottieMaesVintage has a selection of sale items too! Jewelry items, dishes and linen also on sale. Don't miss any of it.

And our bits and pieces shop called CarDonsBitsandPieces, clever aren't we, has a load of craft stuff for all kinds of projects.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Team ESST Wednesday! Sewing Supplies

This week I am featuring a few of my teammates from Team ESST - Etsy Supply Street Team.
My theme is Sewing this week. I don't sew and have to say I admire those talented people who can and do. I see great patterns and lovely fabric , the lace and ribbon, and the buttons ...well don't get me started. I just need to let everyone know what great patterns, fabrics, notions and such, Team ESST shops have to offer the sewing world!

The first shop I would like to feature is Artdoodads. Artdoodads carries a very nice line of uncut sewing patterns for babies, kids, men and women and vintage patterns and interesting patterns too. she also has real cool rubber stamps!

Next on our trip though Team ESST sewing circle:) are the lovely fringe and trims of LivinOnTheFringe. Need an embellishment for your sewing project? Well, shop on by and fill your cart with a load of lovely goodies! You will find appliques, beaded fringe, real cool fiber fringe, well just get over to LivinOnTheFringe and start Livin'!!

Where do we go from here? Well, now we need some fabric so, head on over to Tliss for fabric for sewing and crafting. She has fabric by the yard, remnants and scraps. Tliss has patterns, ribbons, and buttons too! I just love her cute fabrics:)

One last sewing must, BUTTONS!! TheButtonShop, Home of the ORIGINAL Tree Branch Buttons™ offers very interesting buttons for your sewing and crafting projects . Not only does the owner make these amazing tree branch buttons, she home schools her family of 8!!

We have finished our Team ESST sewing circle but, you can find more Fabulous patterns, trims and embellishments, fabrics and buttons by visiting our Team ESST site.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Mondays - Pasta Salad!

On Monday we will be sharing a favorite family recipe with you. Some will be quick and easy for summer meals or get togethers. As, the weather changes we will look forward to dishing out heartier meals. Pun intended:)

This week we will prepare a fabulous Pasta Salad. There are many different types of pasta one can use when making a pasta salad and that is a great thing about this recipe. My family likes to have the ruffle style pasta in our salad.

So, let's start with an ingredient list.

1 box of pasta 16 oz.- make it a fun shape to hold the great flavors of the dressing.
your choice of fresh vegetables, we like to use
grape tomatoes
cucumber - yellow squash or zucchini work well to
peppers of any color - pick 1 or more to add to the salad
carrots - baby work well and are very easy to prepare for this dish.

This time of year when the harvest are coming in try one different veggetable in your salad. You and the kids may find a new favorite veggie.
cubed cheese - we like to use sharp cheddar, you use what your family likes
cubed cold meats, leftover chicken, canned tuna or go meatless if you wish
canned black olives - my kids love these

You can use a bottled salad dressing or make a packaged one. My family loves to have a Caesar dressing on the pasta salad.

Cut and cube the veggies to bite sized pieces. After the pasta is cooked to desired firmness rinse well with cold water. Add the bites of veggies, cheese and meat. Toss well with the dressing of your choice. Pasta will absorb the salad dressing so, if you plan on chilling for a few hours and not eating right away, you may want to leave a half cup to add just before serving.

This is great to serve with bread sticks, crusty rolls, or crackers - there are many great types and flavors to make your salad fun and fabulous.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Super Sale at CarDonCreativeDesign!!

When Mom and Dad moved here just over a year ago, Mom brought with her all of her jewelry supplies!! Well, now we really need to clear out our jewelry supplies so we can get more!! To do that we have marked down dozens and dozens of our jewelry making supplies. These are "get them while you can" deals.
Our CarDonCreativeDesign Etsy shop is clearing our many great supply items. Do you love beads, create jewelry, or just want a great deal on a new hobby?

This is the time to save on beautiful beads, gems and jewels. Don't wait, when they are gone they are gone!!

Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Our Yart Sale - Sales!!

It's time to YART!! Mom and I have 4 Etsy shops and we are offering great sales in each one of them. The 2nd Annual Yart Sale sponsored Team ESST is Wednesday June 10th to Sunday June 14th!!

Our CarDonCreativeDesign shop has a wonderful selection of jewelry making supplies. You can find all sorts of beads from glass to gem stones. Sterling silver and copper findings, metal filigree, resin links and...well, come and take a look!Looking for stuff!! Not sure what you want but, ya gotta Yart something! Come and visit CarDonsBitsandPieces we have bag o'beads, craft magazines, bits of this and pieces of that!!
Then, looking for collectible buttons or buttons to craft with? GramsVintageButtons has Victorian Black Glass buttons, Bakelite and Celluloid buttons, Vintage Carded and more.

Satisfy your need for vintage at LottieMaesVintage. We carry vintage jewelry, dishes, linens, clothes and fun stuff too!!

Each shop offers - Buy 2 items and you get the 3rd item (of equal or lesser value) FREE. (Does not included shipping) Checkout our shops for more details!!