Sunday, July 12, 2009

Menu Mondays - Pasta Salad!

On Monday we will be sharing a favorite family recipe with you. Some will be quick and easy for summer meals or get togethers. As, the weather changes we will look forward to dishing out heartier meals. Pun intended:)

This week we will prepare a fabulous Pasta Salad. There are many different types of pasta one can use when making a pasta salad and that is a great thing about this recipe. My family likes to have the ruffle style pasta in our salad.

So, let's start with an ingredient list.

1 box of pasta 16 oz.- make it a fun shape to hold the great flavors of the dressing.
your choice of fresh vegetables, we like to use
grape tomatoes
cucumber - yellow squash or zucchini work well to
peppers of any color - pick 1 or more to add to the salad
carrots - baby work well and are very easy to prepare for this dish.

This time of year when the harvest are coming in try one different veggetable in your salad. You and the kids may find a new favorite veggie.
cubed cheese - we like to use sharp cheddar, you use what your family likes
cubed cold meats, leftover chicken, canned tuna or go meatless if you wish
canned black olives - my kids love these

You can use a bottled salad dressing or make a packaged one. My family loves to have a Caesar dressing on the pasta salad.

Cut and cube the veggies to bite sized pieces. After the pasta is cooked to desired firmness rinse well with cold water. Add the bites of veggies, cheese and meat. Toss well with the dressing of your choice. Pasta will absorb the salad dressing so, if you plan on chilling for a few hours and not eating right away, you may want to leave a half cup to add just before serving.

This is great to serve with bread sticks, crusty rolls, or crackers - there are many great types and flavors to make your salad fun and fabulous.

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  1. Carla this is making me hungry!! looks so good !!