Monday, February 2, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Pearls

If you haven't seen our shop banner or avatar for our CarDon Creative Design shop, it's Pearls! Pearls used to be just white and worn on special occasions. Now, they are a designing must. There are several kinds, the most popular to use in jewelry designing is the freshwater cultured pearl. We just love them! They have the classic round shapes in different sizes, then we get the fun and lovely shapes like rice, button, potato, coin, sticks, flat sided, baroque, and maybe more I haven't used yet. They can be half drilled for earrings or dangle designs, top drilled or the most common, side drilled.

Of course, we then get to the fabulous colors!! A rainbow full of colors in about every shade you can think of. The pearls are dyed bright vibrant colors and soft pale colors. Freshwater cultured pearls come in different grades of quality. Surprisingly C and some D grades can make very nice designs.
Designing with pearls can range from the most elegant to simple fun. Wear them with ball gowns or tee-shirt and jeans and everything in-between. We have many different varieties in our shop. Have fun looking them over and planing your next freshwater cultured pearl design.

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