Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Bionic Mom

Well, she really is a diabetic Mom. But , she is wired up :)

Mom has been a diabetic for over 26 years now, and insulin dependant for 25 of those years. When my Dad retired last year and they moved next door to me and my family. Her new doctor told her she was a candidate for an insulin pump. Great, this is a mini computer that delivers insulin right into her body. I went with Mom for a 3 hour training course on how to run this little gem of technology.

Oh my!! Mom's neat little pump requires her to have a needle to insert the cannula (a tube that stays inside to deliver the insulin). Then a little tube sends insulin on a regular basis called a basal, which is a small amount to keep her sugar regular. Then if she eats Mom has to calculate the carbs, program the pump and do a bolus. A bolus cover the carb intake.

After she had the pump for a few months, the doctor wanted her to use a sensor with the pump. Now she has another device she must insert into her tummy with a needle and leaves a sensor to measure her blood glucose at all times. The benefit of this is to keep her sugar from going high or low between her regular testing, which is usually at meal times.

Now, on top of this Mom has a heart condition and the cardiology doctor wanted her to wear a heart monitor!

So, my Mom is the Bionic Woman. She is wired for all kinds of "fun" stuff. But, as my business partner she can still keep up with me (that doesn't mean much ;). Just this week she learned to edit photos. My Mom is not only Mom, she is my best friend, my advisor, and she cooks too!

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