Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mom and I Visit the Auction!

We have a local auction house that we just love to go to. They have an inhouse auction every Wednesday night. Other auctions are onsite where the estate happens to be. One very memorable trip was by myself as Mom and Dad had company and Mom wasn't able to go. Well, needless to say I came home with more than I planned on spending. Mom immedately informed me I was not to go to the auctions again unless she could go and suppervise my spending.

The auction house is our biggest source of vintage goods. We find lots of great items that we resell in our GramsVintageButtons Etsy shop and our LottieMaesVintage shop also on Etsy.

A few weeks passed and a great auction was coming up. Mom and I went to the regular inhouse auctoin with the intent on looking for a FEW things to add to our growing vintage stock. We came prepared with pad and paper, Mom wrote down the items we really thought would make fabulous additions to our shops. There was a little bit of this and of that, we knew we just had to have and then there were items, that if we could get them at a good deal, and so on.

I forgot to mention, my oldest son works at this auction house and has for the last 3 years :) So, Mom and I get to sit right up front. Now you see, we had every intention of sticking to the list but, there were these deals on such awesome stuff....;) Before we knew what we were doing, we had trays and boxes full of teriffic goodies!! It took to guys to haul everything to our van.

Bottom line....Mom helped us spend twice as much as when I went alone. If you like vintage, keep checking on our shops because it will take us quite some time to get all of this listed.

Here is a sample of our New Years 08 Vintage find - buttons and buttons and more buttons.