Monday, January 12, 2009

Russell and Cody - Their Turn

Russell has lived with us for almost 6 years now. He came to us a 6 week old puppy. We had just lost our beloved Doberman "Rusty". He was the most beautiful red doberman you have ever seen. Yes, I know, we were a bit bias but, he had the nicest shape. You know the ones, the big huge chest and little bitty waist. I would loved to have had that shape myself :) But, at 10 years old he got sick and he went to doggie heaven. In my grief we went and got a puppy! I needed a dog to love. So, I just happened to talk to my brother who lives 600 some odd miles away and told him of our puppy search. Well, he just so happen to have pasted the television set and "WishBone" was on and out of his mouth came - "Why not get a JRT?" "A what?", I asked. "You know, that cute little well behaved dog from the T.V." "Oh, sounds good." Right?!

Well, not really!

But, my hubby obliged and off we went to get our new pup. I picked up every puppy there. One that I kept picking up would go right up my neck and cuddle with me. Sold!! We'll take him. My family had discussion after discussion on what to name him. R2 for Rusty the second, Repeat, Ditto, and so on. We finally settled on Russell which we figured was a proper name for Rusty. Russell was only six weeks old when we got him and if you get only one thing from this story it would be - Don't get a puppy that young! I am sure Russell truly believes I'm his Momma :)

And guess what?! WishBone is a very well trained dog and has to be on T.V. for 5 minutes at a time. Real JRTs are very active, very hyper, very protective and they jump up and down just like the commercial on T.V. Moral to my story - never listen to your brother who lives 600 some odd miles away!

Ok, then every time my in-laws came with their dog, Russell was actually better behaved. Even after LottieMae came to visit - now that she is big - Russell was a very good dog. I came up with this fantastic idea! Let's adopt a dog!! I begged and pleaded for my hubby to let me get another dog. Yup, he loves me, we got another dog. Cody is a Brittney. His owner had passed away and his family was unable to care for him. We were so happy, he was just the kind of dog we wanted. A dog that had been loved and wanted all his life but, due to unfortunate events lost his master. We didn't want a dog with issues - we had one of those :) Cody is the sweetest dog you ever will meet. He is a role model for his little brother Russell. Well, most of the time :) He learned quickly that once you come inside from potty time you get a treat. I do swear that Cody will hold some back just he can go out again and come back in just to get his treat. He knows just where the treats are kept even when we move them around, he finds them.

I keep in touch with Cody's Aunts, they send letters and have sent some of his puppy pictures. I hope they know how much we love Cody and will care for him always. He is such a wonderful big brother to Russell. When Russell gets in trouble he has to go to his crate. Cody will remind us that Russell has spent enough time "in the corner" and we should let him out.

Cody is in love with LottieMae. He takes bones outside and leaves them so LottieMae will come over and get them. He gets all jumpy happy when she comes to visit. Yes, as you can tell we love our dogs. Hope you enjoyed my stories and the pictures of these wonderful furry friends :)

Matt, my brother visiting at Thanksgiving - he thinks Russell is a great dog. Of course this is the one time he is actually behaving, go figure ;)

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