Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just Who Is Lottie Mae?

Well, I am glad you asked :)

Lottie was my Dad's grandmother and Mae was my Mother's Mom. I never met my great-grandmother Lottie but, my Father said she was a sweet and loving grandmother. Mae my grandmother, I knew very well. I am the first grandchild of the first daughter so, I feel we had a special relationship. Gram and I shared many wonderful times together. As the grand kids had their own children we called Gram, GG. Gram-GG has been gone for 10 years now and we miss her dearly.

On to the rest of the story. Two years ago my parents, who still lived in Virginia had lost their beloved cat Reilly to illness/old age and were considering a new pet. Dad wanted a standard Schnauzer, anyone who is familiar with this breed knows this is a huge dog. Reilly was a big cat but, Mom cringed at the thought of a mini horse in the house.

Luckily for Mom, while on vacation in New York they found out that a relative had been breeding mini Schnauzers for a while and was expecting a litter in a few weeks. So, they went home to Virginia and waited the birth of the puppies. At last they were born and ready for adoption. Mom and Dad drove to my house in New York, an 11 hour trip. They spent the night and first thing in the morning my Dad, hubby and sons set off to get the puppy. Mom had spent 11 hours in the car the day before and opted out of the 8 hour round trip to get the puppy and come back to our house.

Oh, I forgot to mention that this was in January and in central New York we have snow at that time of year. Off the boys went to get a fur ball and Mom and I went shopping for beads :) and other important things.
By dinner time Mom and I had shopped till we dropped and the boys were just getting home with an adorable ball of fur. She was the cutest little thing. I asked Dad what he would name the puppy. He said "Lottie Mae". Lottie Mae? Where did you get a name like that? Well, he told me what I've already told you. A sweet little name for a sweet little puppy, right? Yeah, she is the sweetest little dog you will ever met. Ok, well I am off a bit on that one. Lottie Mae is very sweet and everyone wants to take her home with them. The issue is she has gone from a little puppy to a portly little dog :)

Let's back up a bit. Mom and Dad took their new baby home. Mom held her alllll the way home, all 11 hours. Spoiled, no of course not, she's just a baby. I called Mom every day as apart of my normal habit but, now we had a long discussion on the "BABY". She did this or did that fun thing or "She is so smart!". Yeah, she was smart, she was wrapping 2 grown ups around her little paws ;) She was fussy about her food so, Mom would hand feed her till she ate from her bowl, like ever happened! Mom and Dad held her and rocked her so she would be happy. Dad started training her, she was very smart! She learned quickly and thus earned her spot as the smartest dog in the WORLD!

Just to add a note here, we have a dog a JRT-Jack Russell Terror (not a spelling error) he had an issue with "Darling Lottie Mae". He is after all a hunting dog and a little grey furry critter was open invitation for hunting time. So, needless to say every time I talked to Mom or Dad they would ask how my ROTTEN dog was.

A year passes and Mom and Dad come for Christmas. Wow, they get out of the car and out comes this huge grey furry critter. They come into the house and Russell runs for his life :) Lottie Mae struts her stuff and lets Russell know she is the Queen and doesn't go for any of his silliness.

Here are some photos of Sweet Lottie Mae. I'll finish her story later. Hope you enjoyed getting to know her :)

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