Wednesday, December 31, 2008

What's Next in Our Etsy Adventures?

We started our Etsy shop on April 3, 2007 and our first sale was May 24, 2007. We tweaked and posted more jewelry, we worked our home parties and handed out our Etsy shop cards. But, no more sales :( In total frustration I listed some of our stash. Some miscellaneous beads and findings. Sales, we got sales!! 18 sales in the first week!! I called Mom (she still lived in Virginia at the time) "Mom we are selling our beads, send me what you got!" She sent me some of her stock. I took photos - with our huge light box! It was great, we found our niche!! Supplies, jewelry supplies! We had tons of them. Mom and I had been designing and making jewelry for over a year and we had stash of everything :)

Yeah us!! We already had wholesale suppliers so, we were set to switch our gears. Mom and Dad were still in Virginia which put a load on me to list, sell and ship our merchandise. They put their house up for sale and Dad prepared to retire. The plan was to retire and move next to us!! Not just for the business but, because we - my family wanted them to live next door.

Now...we wait for the house to sell. We waited and waited...Stay tuned for the adventure of selling a home.

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