Monday, December 29, 2008

The HeartBreak :(

Next in our adventures, we had frustration and more frustration. I started listing, and listing, and listing. For those familiar with Etsy, we did get views and hearts but, no sales. I was on the forums looking for clues as how to get more - well, ANY sales. I got up some courage and posted a "Help Me" question. I asked for a shop critique. Ahhh...what had I done!! I posted and ran back to my shop to see if I could find what was the problem. I must be missing something!

Sadly, I went back to the forums and looked at the post to see several responses. I read and read, the majority of them said my photos - they put it nicely but, said they stunk. One of the post said to get or make a light box for the photos. So, mini-side adventure into "Photo Box" making. My hubby to the rescue :) We went and purchased the material to make our own light box. It was fun, me and he building a huge and I do mean huge light box. I think we could have taken photos of babies in our light box. But, I just re-shot the necklaces, earrings and bracelets and re posted the photos.

Finally, six weeks after we opened, our first sale!! Please, don't get to happy for us. Weeks went by and no more sales. Lucky for us we did home parties and were selling our jewelry but, not online.

Was our online dream going to die a miserable death? Would we be able to make a go of our Etsy shop, CarDon Creative Design? Keep watching for future adventures!

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  1. Your photos look nice now with the light box! Hang in there, as you continue to promote, I'm sure you'll see some more sales. I've had only two sales, but I'm hoping to see more in the future.

    What a bunch of fun for you and hubby to make a light box together! Lots of bonding time :)