Friday, December 26, 2008

The Adventure Continues!

OK, for all of you who are waiting for the adventure to continue here we go!!

We left you last at my dear hubby bringing up selling on the Internet!!! Well, as I said, I went into a panic. INTERNET, isn't that space, like the unknown place people get sucked into and are never see from again? Alright, I was a bit dramatic ;) But, I really didn't have a clue how or where to start and was happy not learning. My extent of computer knowledge was shopping for our supplies and was really good a playing "Diablo" with my sons. Here again, my hubby was great at searching for useless info - for the most part. He loved looking up the facts about how many penguins lived at the Artic Circle and where cheese came from...OK, I'm really just kidding. He did find a great site for our made jewelry though,

New chapter of CarDon Creative Designs.

So, I took a look at and it was a great fit for our business. I took some Prozac ;) and jumped into the process of setting up a shop. First issue was our name, CarDon Creative Designs would not fit into the allowed Etsy space so, off came the "s". Now, as CarDonCreativeDesign - no "s", I started listing our jewelry. Oh wait, first I had to figure out how to take photographs of our jewelry :p I have never been a camera person. We would go on vacation and on the last day go back to all the places we had been just to get pics to show we were really there!!

Camera!! Well, as luck would have it I did have a good digital camera. I bought it to take pics of our then 8 yr old playing football. Now to find a place with good light and background to take these "Fabulous" pictures of our jewelry. My dinning room table was a nice start and the wall behind it made for a good backdrop. Click,click, clicking I went. But, that was not the I have to "EDIT" all of those pictures. Oh please, I am back to no clue again!! I could go to the help tab and see how to do this "Edit" thing or wing it. You guessed it, I winged it :) I was pretty happy with the results and was now ready to list the jewelry.

It is the day after Christmas and I need to go and put away the gifts and check out our new vacuum - it sucks up dog hair!! See our slideshow and you will see we have sweet dogs but, they shed like no tomorrow!!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our adventures..."HeartBreak"!!


  1. wow, what a great story. I love the idea of starting something up with your daughter. I have a little six year old and she helps me design all of the time. I can't wait till shes older!

  2. Thanks Helene, I love being in business with my Mom. It keeps her out of trouble ;)

  3. How fun your blog is Carla! I love hearing how people found Etsy.