Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Get Started

Well, here we go on another adventure!! Blogging :O Just 2 days before Christmas and we're off on another project. Didn't someone say "No time like the present."?

Okay, we will start at the beginning of our mother, daughter partnership. Our first business was about 26 years ago. Mom and I started a printed tee-shirt business. Remember the shirts with "Gag me with a Spoon", "Grody to the Max", "Valley Girl", okay enough of those. We did fun pics and so on. We did a party plan for sales and had tons of fun. But, Mom and Dad moved, I got married and moved to Syracuse NY.

23 years flash by!!

Mom and Dad are now living in Virginia and I still live in Syracuse NY with my hubby and 2 sons :) Mom the forever crafter has done just about everything ;p and said "I think I'll do some jewelry making." Great, I thought!! Something else I can't do. But, while on vacation in Virginia, Mom and I hit a couple of craft stores and bought a few (well, lots) of jewelry supplies. Wow!! Who would've known, I love it, I can design. My hidden talent has surfaced.

Mom and I jump into CarDon Creative Designs - jewelry parties!! Mom makes her style of designs and I do mine. She mails me her jewelry and I do parties here in Syracuse area. A year or so pass all is going well and my hubby says "How about selling online!" Oh, no not that...I panic. I don't know much about a computer, how can I run an online shop......

Well, I do have tons to wrap and cooking still left to do. Check back after Christmas and I will continue on our adventure :)


  1. Wonderful blog! I love the slid show!! Merry Christmas!!! :)

  2. Delightful blog! I wasn't ready for the crafting adventure to stop. Hopefully there's a sequel.