Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Well, it's here the day my son has been waiting for - Saint Patrick's Day! I barely remember the excitement from my elementary school days but, Zac has brought them back to me. Over the weekend Zac went "Green" shopping with Grampa. I gave him some money and told Dad that was all he had to spend. Yeah, right! Grampas are great! Anyway, an hour or so later in came Zac with his "Green" stash. He had to model the goods for me and I had to take pictures. We played with the edit mode and made Zac into a cartoon :) No, he does not have a pierced tongue but, there are times I would like to glue his mouth shut ;)

And just for fun here is a great bunch of Shamrock items from Team ESST :) The Shamrock tags are from JennifersCozyCottage.

Happy Saint Patty's Day :)


  1. He is getting into the spirit! The holidays are so much more fun seeing them through the eyes of children!

  2. Haha! Those pictures are great :)

  3. Someday there will be a wedding reception and slides, and these photos will come back from the archives! haha!