Friday, March 6, 2009

Team Teaser

I'm running late with the Thursday Team Teaser so, here it is on Friday :)

I think all of the shops that are members of Team ESST are fabulous, which makes picking each week real tough. Enie-meanie minie Mo here we go!

I just love Tiny Ark, Jason makes the coolest polymer clay buttons and I am amazed at his skill. From lovely buttons to animal buttons to just plain fun buttons Tiny Ark has something for everyone to enjoy. To make this even cooler Tiny Ark is in Dublin!! This shop is one of our many International team members, so happy to have you here Jason!!

Who doesn't like Junk :) ? Well, my friend JazziesJunque has great stuff! Need some interesting items for your altered art project? See Jazzie! Want some cool things for crafting? You got it! See Jazzie! My favorite thing out of her whole shop has to be the adorable Monopoly money envelopes.

Now it's tool time!! What crafter can craft without tools? EviesToolEmporium has wonderful tools for the crafter. She carries pliers and screwdrivers to the interesting and awesome Universal/Clamping Bench Vise . EviesToolEmporium carries a wide variety of tools I can't imagine that you would not find something you need in her shop.

Run don't walk to these fabulous Team ESST shops and see what great items you can find!! Till next week happy crafting :)


  1. Love that envelope too. Will check out some of the other shops.

  2. Great Stuff! Will check out the shops!

  3. Wonderful shops! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you so much Carla for featuring my little envelopes on your wonderful blog. The ESST shops are full of wonderful stuff.