Friday, March 20, 2009

MOSAIC's This Weeks Team Tease

Last year I got hooked on Mosaics! I saw all of the beautiful mosaic shop when I admitted the new team shops and thought I can do this. So, my first attempt went well. I did two trivets with supplies from team members. Here are my offerings :)

Team ESST has many wonderful mosaic supply shops and this week I will cover just a few of them. Not only are these supply shops they are Fabulous mosaic artist.

First shop pick this week is judysnow's Hand Cut Mosaic Tiles . You will find classic tiles, beautiful patterns, interesting bits and pieces, and Papa Honey's awesome wooden toys.

My next team mosaic shop pick is Mosaic Tiles Supply Mosaic Art CoCoMo Etsy. Cocomo supplies the tiles I used in my first project. Mom and I love tea pots and cups and Cocomo had the perfect tiles to use.

Another fantastic mosaic shop is Artful Mosaic Supplies. Here you will find marvelous handmade clay tiles and handmade MDF bases, I used them for my trivets as well as the grout from this shop!

I can't resist so, here are the rest of the Team ESST mosaic supply shops!

Another awesome shop for handpainted tiles, DooDles Mosaic Supplies and Handpainted Tiles.

And another terrific shop CMKSculptures2, which I featured last week :)

Then there is mosaictiledesigns for wonderful tiles!

Can't forget artsyhandpaints, check out her delightful handpainted tiles!!

And our newest team member glassshack, featuring glass shards, real cool :)

Thanks for looking and see you next week!


  1. We really do have a lot of great mosaic shops on the team, don't we!

  2. Thanks to one of my "C"s!! What a wonderful team, great supplies and such interesting shops!!!

  3. Pretty! I love all the magnificent mosaics. :D

  4. Thank you for featuring the mosaic shops Carla! You have a wonderful blog and I'm honored to be a part of your blogging :)

    Mosaics rock!

  5. Holy Moses that guitar is absolutely amazing!!!!!!

  6. That's so kewl stuff!

    Looking forward to you co-hosting w/me tonight on